Our Technology

Increased Customer Responsiveness
Our converged IP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform allows us faster access to customer information to handle customer calls efficiently.

SingTel’s flexible and future-proofed solution increases i-vic’s proactiveness in meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs and dynamic market conditions. This enhances customer satisfaction and better retention for our customer.

Ensured Peace of Mind with Enhanced Crisis Readiness
We are better-equipped to handle crisis. Because we deal with only one party, there are no hassle investigations to the cause of technical faults.

We simply contact SingTel toll-free 24×7 helpdesk to ensure fast troubleshooting. The comprehensive SingTel helpdesk support includes options of either 24×7 or 8×5 hours of onsite support, which enhances i-vic’s support of its customers’ mission-critical outsourced contact centres.

Increased Operational Efficiencies with One-Stop Convenience
Backed by industry leader and expert, the SingTel team, we are better able to provide market-driven customer demands and needs.

Maximised Uptime with Industry-Leading Reliability
To us, reliability is critical to our clients’ business success. We ensure that every call is able to get through with
minimal hotline difficulties.

Gained Scalability to Expand at Own Pace
i-vic’s scalability to the growth and expansion of the customer’s volume is due to the converged SingTel managed IP PBX solution. After its introduction, the i-vic contact centre grew by more than 50 percent seats.