Our Solutions

Full Outsource Services
We value our clients. We intend to continue perfecting our contact centre solutions best suited to each client.

We view operations as an independent force within our organisation, self-contained in all its operational needs like IT and Telecommunications.

We aim to benefit our clients with a state-of-the-art CRM software and Telecommunication equipment.

Through successful partnerships, we have developed a service solution able to provide the appropriate levels of, service quality scalability, flexibility, redundancy, manageability and cost savings.

Our core competencies empowers us in creating customized outsourcing solutions, providing seamless implementations, and ensuring i-vic International employees emulate the culture of each company they represent.

Facilities Management
We provide a spacious, in-house contact centre facilities for clients who require them. Clients may require their own space with i-vic International. In this cost-effective arrangement, clients can physically partition their space and easily provide multi-language service and skilled labour.

For companies who need to contain their operating and technology set-up costs, this is a preferred and welcome solution.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)
i-vic International’s IT Team has more than 10 years of experience in delivering and creating software application for contact centre operations.

Our strong and accomplished track record assures clients of our ability to deliver sophisticated software applications that can meet their complex operations.

We have the capability to quickly and easily make modifications with our dynamic design interface. It has the ability to make changes to the structure, look and feel of the CRM application via an administration interface. Even better, we do this efficiently without impacting operations and with minimal time and effort.

i-vic International aims to provide a dependable, secure, cost-friendly, state-of-the art and quality solutions with the clients needs foremost.

Our company will continue to improve, grow and learn new and innovative ways to enhance our clients ROI (Return of Investment) in Contact Centre technology and escalating software licensing costs.