Legal & Privacy Notice

  • i-vic International Pte Ltd (“i-vic”) is pleased to set out i-vic’s privacy policy (the “Policy”) regarding any user information obtained by i-Vic through its website. Any user accessing i-vic’s website will be bound by this Policy, which may be updated from time to time. Users should check the Policy each time they access the i-vic website.
  • i-vic may collect information (“Data”) on users in one of two ways, namely, through online job applications submitted through the i-vic website and through completion and online submission of the “Contact Us” form.
  • All Data will be used purely for internal purposes. Online job applications will be forwarded to i-vic’s Human Resources Department, while general enquiries received through the “Contact Us” form will be submitted to the relevant i-vic affiliate or department within i-vic.
  • All Data is treated in strictest confidence and will not be released to non-i-vic affiliates save where this is required by applicable law. Only authorised personnel of i-vic and its affiliates may have access to the Data.
  • The i-vic website may from time to time contain links to other websites. These other websites (apart from websites of i-vic’s affiliates) are not under i-vic’s control or responsibility. Users should be aware of the privacy policies applicable to these other websites before visiting these websites through a link from the i-vic website. This Policy only applies to i-vic’s website.
  • This Policy is not intended to create any legal relationship with any user, but is purely for information.